3 Suicide Bomber Blew himself at Istanbul Ataturk Airport Attack 36 dead, 147 Injured

3 Suicide Bomber Blew himself at Istanbul Ataturk Airport Attack 36 dead, 147 Injured :- On Tuesday night, Three Terrorists entered the Istanbul Airport and starting an open fire and then blew themselves on the Airport. In this terrorist attack, 36 persons lost their life and other 150 people wounded in the attack.

A riot police officer stands guard at the entrance of the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey, following a multiple suicide bombing, early June 29, 2016. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

An official said that one terrorist fired in the departure hall with an automatic rifle and the people runs all over to escape themselves from being hit by the bullet and hide in safe place.


Istanbul Airport is the third busiest airport in Europe. This is the deadliest terrorist attack in a series of a suicide bombing in Turkey. Turkey is struggling from the neighboring Syria’s civil war and insurgency in the southeast of Turkey by the Kurdish militant.

Turkish Police officials said that the Police fired on the two attackers to stop them from entering the arrivals hall, but they detonated the explosives.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told reporters that this attack is planned terrorist act. Terrorism is a global threat.

The vast number of people who died at airport attack are from Turkey, but the foreigner persons also died in this terrorist attack.

The attacker loaded with automatic rifles and explosives. They blew themselves after opened fire at the arrival hall. The explosion was so extremely loud that the roof came down.


Duygu, a woman who just arrived from Germany, said that she threw herself on the floor after hearing the sound of firing and explosion.

In March 2016. The similar attack was happened at the Brussels Airport, and a coordinated attack was at the rush hour metro train. In this attack, 16 people were killed in the Belgian capital.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said the attack was taken in the month of Ramadan; this shows that the terrorists have no faith in the religion, and them did not respect the self-religion. He also said that this attack is the turning point in the global fight against militant groups.


Turkey has suffered a blow of bombings this year. The two suicide attacks in tourist areas of Istanbul blamed on Islamic State. The two car bombings in the capital, Ankara, which were claimed by a Kurdish militant group.

In the recent attack, a car bomb ripped through a police bus in central Istanbul in the rush hour in the morning. 11 people were killed and 36 people wounded in this attack near the major area of the university and the mayor’s office.

Turkey is fighting both Kurdish militants in its largely Kurdish southeast and Islamic State.

This is the second attack on the Istanbul airport. Last year on 23rd December 2015, an explosion hit Istanbul’s second airport, Sabiha Gokcen. It is located on the Asian side of the city. In this attack, one person killed. A Kurdish militant group had taken the claim for this attack.