3 Trends in Skincare In 2018

In Science, “Impossibility” is not a word that is taken with a pinch of salt. Scientific inventions over the years have broken boundaries and kept us in awe of the things that could be made possible. A century ago, a person telling another of a technique that completely removes scars (caused as a result of skin burn) would have been seen as a raving mad man. But with recent Skin Care techniques, the so called “impossibilities “ are being made possible. Skin problems can now be effortlessly worked on: making the patient’s skin look like a million bucks.

There are different skin care techniques making waves in 2018 that are indeed effective and also healthy with little or no side effects; in this article, we will be shedding light on the working mechanism of three out of the many that exist.


In recent times, this therapy is gradually gaining reception because of the benefits it provides: enhanced skin tone and texture, enhanced skin health and ageless skin. This technique particularly takes advantage of the knowledge that the skin naturally promotes self-healing.

The corrective process works by pricking the skin with microscopic needles; which triggers the subsequent production of new collagen and elastin. The process results in production of a thicker (And clearer) skin and the correction of scars.

Electric Facials

This skin therapy procedure employs some electrical elements for facial enhancement. There are basically two types in this category.

  • Electroporation: This process involves the use of electromagnetic pulse for the opening of the epidermis to make it possible for channeling of a corrective skin care product down the now completely open pores. This procedure is very intensive because the modification of the skin starts to effect at a cellular level and results in amazing changes in the skin.
  • Microcurrent: Microcurrent helps to recharge the facial muscles; properly align the facial framework and also initiates the body’s adenosine triphosphate (an energy equivalent for the body) and blood circulation which results in a glowing appearance.

Cosmetic Laser Therapy

You might have saw this in the news lately due to many celebrities starting to flock to cosmetic laser dermatology or because this skin care technique has a reputation of yielding excellent results.  What this therapy involves is cosmetic lasers which facilitate the production of an ageless skin, improves the appearance of lentigines and rhytides (which are essential skin components), soften scars and handle cases of dyspigmentation. There are a wide range of laser technologies that exist, with all of them targeting the collagen: which is an important compound necessary for effecting exceptional changes to the skin.

Here are four of those techniques:

  • Carbon dioxide lasers

For this treatment, the skin is exposed to carbon dioxide lasers – which emits lights at 10,600nm wavelength. A subsequent skin change is the discarding of old collagen and promoting the production of new collagen – which is an essential component for effecting outstanding skin changes.

  • Ablative Non-Fractional Lasers

This laser treatment is also similar to non-ablative non-fractional laser. For this laser treatment, the exposure of the skin to the laser results in the superheating of the water molecules in the skin tissue. The process of superheating also results in vaporization which mimics a skin-peeling effect. This effect also helps strengthen the skin. And finally, it promotes collagen formation.

This skin therapy procedure functions by directing the pulse energy of 1319nm to the fibroblasts that resides in the dermal later to initiate the production of new collagen.

  • Radio frequency:

Unlike the other laser systems discussed already, this skin therapy process uses microwaves instead of lasers. The skin surface is exposed to microwaves; in which like other laser systems, results in the denaturing of the existing collagen in the skin layer – invariably forcing the skin to produce new collagen.