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3 Ways to Optimize PDFs for Online Use

For some time now PDFs have been one of the most popular formats of documents used online, and you can find many eBooks, brochures, online guides, manuals, and other content that utilizes PDF. The reason for its popularity is simple: When PDFs are viewed on any device or any platform they look identical, and preserve the layout and formatting of the original.

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If you want to use PDFs online and distribute or publish them over the internet however, there are several factors to consider. In particular, there are three main ways you may have to optimize PDFs for online use:

• Reduce the file size of PDF documents

As much as PDF documents can have good compression, their file size can still get large especially if the document is long and has lots of images. That can be a problem for online use, because it makes it more difficult to transfer and load.

The good news is there are various ways to compress and reduce the file size of PDF documents. When you export and save PDF documents in the first place there will normally be options that let you do just that, or you could use third party tools instead.

• Use descriptive file names for PDF documents

Making sure your PDF documents have descriptive file names is mostly helpful for SEO. However even if you’re distributing documents via email or other means, having descriptive file names can make it more convenient for viewers to know what the document contains.

Considering how easy it is to rename a file, this is something that you definitely should not overlook. In fact as a rule of thumb you should always use descriptive file names for all your PDF documents.

• Fill out the PDF document properties

Every PDF file has certain document properties that can be filled out with details about the PDF file. It is a good idea to fill out all of these properties for a number of reasons, but the main area that will benefit from them is SEO.

Some of the document property fields such as the title and description will be used directly by search engines. Others such as the author, keywords, and so on have a part to play too, and so you should fill out all the properties that are available.

In some cases you may need an editor to alter your PDF files, and Movavi PDF Editor for Mac can help on that front. It is a simple and user-friendly editor with features that will let you add, rotate, remove, or rearrange pages in your PDF documents as well as alter them in other ways.

Now that you know how to optimize your PDF files for online use, you should be able to distribute or publish them more effectively. More importantly you’ll be able to benefit from the advantages that PDF documents can provide, without having to worry about any of the common pitfalls of using them online.