35 dead, 40 hurt as ‘Santa Claus’ attacks Istanbul club:Turkey

35 dead, 40 hurt as ‘Santa Claus’ attacks Istanbul club:Turkey :- The new year has a terrifying start in the Istanbul as two men have entered one of the night clubs and started the opened fire. The attack caused the loss of life of 35, and around 40 people are wounded.According to the reports, two men dressed like Santa entered the club and soon started firing at the innocent people, who were celebrating the new year eve.

This attack was held at the elite Reina nightclub on the Bosphorus in the city’s European side. The Governor of the city regarded this incident as the Terror attack.

Vasip Sahin informed media wing that ” Unfortunately, at least 35 of our citizens lost their lives. One was a police officer, and the other 40 wounded people are getting their treatment at the hospital.

However, the loss of life increases to 35 as the people started panicking after the firing and most of them threw themselves into the Bosphorus in panic after the attack. The rescue work is underway to save the people from the water.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the government of the Istanbul were aware of such circumstances especially after the twin blast withing two months of the period. Thus, they have hired the 17, 000 police officers to keep an eye on the whole city.