4 Accessibility Advantages of Digitization Spurring the Growth of Online Gaming Industry

4 Accessibility Advantages of Digitization Spurring the Growth of Online Gaming Industry: –  Gaming is no longer the same that it was a decade ago. Today, with digitization, the gaming industry is witnessed a huge spurt in the numbers of online gamers contributing to the rapid growth of the gaming industry too. With the increased adoption of smartphones, games like the online rummy card game have experienced exponential growth in terms of gamers. Followed by better penetration of internet services even to smaller cities, towns and rural India, gaming is no longer the domain of niche customer segments. As the industry is undergoing a tremendous change in the last one decade, the growth ahead would be phenomenal like never-before.

Here’s a quick list of accessibility advantages resulted due to digitization and eventually contributing to the growth of the industry too.

  1. Broadband internet

It all began with the availability of broadband internet. People gained access to better internet speeds and services with ISPs providing broadband internet services to home users as well. On the developer front, this was a big boon. They were now able to distribute their games digitally unlike the boxed options before. It also meant are duction in manufacturing and distribution costs to them. With internet connectivity, gamers could now enjoy games like online rummy card game playing with or against each other. It meant the beginning of a more dynamic gaming experience.

  1. Improved graphics

Digitization has been instrumental in making the games more attractive visually, immersive and engaging in terms of gameplay too. For example, in an online card game of rummy, you can personalize the features like avatars, themes or colors to suit your preferences and mood. Further, with enhanced animation, sound effects and better graphics designing to allow for 2D/ 3D viewing of tables, gamers can enjoy feature-rich games online. Now, with the same rich displays made available for the app version too, undoubtedly, digitization has had an immense impact on the online rummy industry too.

  1. Free-to-play games

Digitization has made it possible for games to choose between free-to-play or paid games. Before the era of digitization, gamers had to purchase boxed gaming solutions that cost a bomb. Today, an ardent gamer can enjoy playing freemium versions of the game before they purchase them. Games like an online rummy card game, players can enjoy unlimited free games before they decide to play cash games. What’s really interesting and irresistible is certain free games can fetch players with real cash prizes too!

  1. Online transactions

As an aftermath of digitization, online transactions are becoming the order of the day. The emphasis to move towards a digital economy is being powered by making online transactions easy, hassle-free and secure too. The availability for gamers to make payments or in-app purchases through online transactions has been a laudable advantage to the online gaming fraternity.  Rummy sites offering online rummy card game provide for online transactions and multiple modes of payments for players to make.


With gamers proliferating into a new breed of online gamers – mobile gamers, the gaming industry is poised for a massive growth in the mobile segment alone. The future growth and development will undoubtedly be in the mobile space.