4 Policemen riding without helmets fined after public pressure in West Bengal

4 Policemen riding without helmets fined after public pressure in West Bengal :- Krishnagar (West Bengal): On Friday, the West Bengal Police, bowing to public pressure, fined 4 policemen in Nadia district, West Bengal. They were riding motorbikes without wearing helmets. People at Krishnaganj area always used to see the police officer who fined bikers riding without the helmet. On Friday afternoon, people found that 4 police personnel on two motorbikes at Brahmadanda locality of Krishnaganj riding without wearing helmets. Out of four policemen, 2 men were civic police. The civic police assist policemen in various works including traffic control.

4 Policemen riding without helmets In West Bengal

The district Police said that after the duty at Higher Secondary Examination centres, the four were returning to their respective police stations. People of nearby locality stopped them and asked them why they were riding motorbikes without helmets. Gradually a large number of people gathered at the spot and road got blocked.

After the road blocked, 2 policemen reached the spot from Krishnaganj police station and tried to negotiate with the people without success. The Krishnaganj police station’s police said that four policemen who were riding the bikes without helmets were fined Rs 100 each. After making challan against them, then they were allowed to leave the spot.

According to the law of Motor vehicle act, on a two wheeler vehicle not more than 2 person can ride, this is punishable defence. But in West Bengal, on a single bike three policemen were riding. If the police break the law, then the common man what will do.

According to the law, if a policeman is breaking the law, then he will be punished according to the law.