Kabul: 40 People died in Suicide Car Bombing Deadly blast in Kabul, Taliban claims Responsibility!

Kabul: 40 People died in the Suicide Car Bombing Deadly blast in Kabul, Taliban claims Responsibility!: – Breaking news is coming straight from the Kabul where 40 people died in a Suicide car bombing and more than 140 wounded. Sources reports are saying that this is one of the most unexpected attacks and it is very sad because so many people died and Taliban claimed the attack, the Afghan Public Health Ministry told the news agency Associated Press (AP).  Reports are coming that some people are still in the hospital and police are trying to investigate the crime scene.

40 Killed in Kabul

Also, the Nasrat Rahimi, deputy spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, said, “The attacker used an ambulance to get through one security checkpoint by telling police he was taking a patient to a nearby hospital. He detonated his explosives at a second checkpoint.” “This is one of the most unexpected and sad things which happened and we are in deep shock with this attack” some local people are said that.

Even, the reports are coming that Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, claimed responsibility for the attack. Also, the attack was so hard and it made a dark smoke into the sky from the site of the explosion near the government’s former Interior Ministry building. The explosion comes exactly a week after Taliban militants stormed a luxury hotel in Kabul, killing at least 22 people, the majority foreigners.

Also, some local security alert issued to foreigners on Saturday morning warned that the Islamic State group, which has terrorized the city in recent months, was planning “to conduct aggressive attacks” on supermarkets, shops, and hotels frequented by foreigners. Overall, these types of attacks are very bad and they affect everyone including whole nations.