4G on Moon; Nokia, Vodafone and Audi Partner Together for this Mission

4G on Moon; Nokia, Vodafone and Audi Partner Together for this Mission: – Well, as you may know, that 4G is the big thing in the market and the companies are looking forward to the best way to present their performance and quality. Reports are coming that soon the moon will get its first mobile phone network and it will be 4G networks and it will enable the high-definition streaming from the lunar landscape back to earth. Also, it is a part of a project to back the first privately funded moon mission. We are sure that this whole project is going to excite you all for sure.

Nokia, Vodafone and Audi Partner Together for this Mission

As per the reports, Vodafone Germany, network equipment maker Nokia and carmaker Audi, all these companies are together for this mission. Even, they said on Tuesday they were working together to support the mission, 50 years after the first NASA astronauts walked on the moon. Overall, it is really going to be an exciting thing to see that what else is going to happen next. Overall, we are expecting that the company will surely some benefits from this in upcoming years.

Nokia, Vodafone and Audi Partner Together for this 4G Moon Mission

Even, Vodafone said on an event that they appointed Nokia as its technology partner to develop a space-grade network which would be a small piece of hardware weighing less than a bag of sugar. Overall, in this race of best 4G network, everyone is trying to do something better and progressive.

Also, these companies are working with the Berlin-based company PTScientists on the project, with a launch scheduled in 2019 from Cape Canaveral on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Vodafone said. Also, Vodafone said, “ This project involves a radically innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure.”

Now, if we talk about the 4G then we can say that the decision to build a 4G network rather a state-of-the-art 5G network was taken because the next generation networks remain in the testing. This whole thing is really exciting and it will help a lot of people for sure who are seeking for the speed of their network.