5 Carbon Fibre Interior Parts to Consider for Your BMW

If there is one material everybody wants for their car, it is carbon fibre. It has long been associated with high-performance vehicles and is being used in racing. If you are a fan of Formula, NASCAR, or you just like to admire cool cars, you know that carbon fibre is exactly what everybody wants.

Of course, carbon fibre is a practical material. It is strong and lightweight when it comes to the exterior of your vehicle while not affecting its performance. But, when it comes to your car’s interior, nobody can deny it looks great. Your car can boast a sporty style that everyone is going to admire.

If you are looking to customise and have fun with your BMW, there are some awesome carbon fibre interior parts you should consider. Here are five you do not want to miss out on.

Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel

First, let’s start with one of the best interior parts you can customise and upgrade. We are talking about the steering wheel. Of course, this is a huge part of your vehicle and something that everyone can see and that you feel as a driver. You want it to be comfortable to hold, easy to use and, ultimately, reflect the style of your car.

Well, this is why you should consider a carbon fibre steering wheel. You can customise this part of the car, allowing your BMW to be sportier and cool. For example, you can go to Kezr Automotive to see BMW customisable fibre steering wheels. You can select the material, such as carbon fibre, and you can personalise certain wheel ranges to make it your own. So, you can introduce other colours to your BMW when it comes to the stitching too.

Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifters

There are many people that want to enhance their driving experience. In other words, they want the ability to change speed quickly, whether this is dropping down a gear to handle a hill or shifting up a gear to gain momentum on the motorway. Either way, paddle shifters can allow you to do this without taking your hands off the wheel.

Yes, paddle shifters are a practice element of your BMW. But, this does not mean that they cannot be stylish at the same time. Indeed, this is another part you can upgrade to carbon fibre. This can allow you to enjoy the sportier style, adding some interest for you as the driver. Plus, they will match a carbon fibre steering wheel.

Carbon Fibre Shift Knob

Do you have an automatic BMW? This type of vehicle is growing in popularity, and it can allow you to focus more on the road and your speed. Indeed, many find that driving can become a more enjoyable activity with less to think about. But, having an automatic does not mean you cannot have fun with customisation. In fact, there are still plenty of accessories and interior parts you can add to your automatic BMW.

For example, you can choose a carbon fibre shift knob. This is going to add some interest to the shift knob, with an easy-to-fit cover over it. This takes away the boring black colour and adds some striking carbon fibre.

Carbon Fibre Fuel Cap

It is the small details that often make a big difference on your car. You can show off your personality, feel confident and enjoy having your BMW embody your energy. Indeed, if you want to be sporty and cool, carbon fibre is the best material to add to your vehicle. 

So, another awesome addition you can make to your BMW is adding a fuel cap. Carbon fibre is going to give it a premium look, which is sporty and means business. Just make sure that you choose a fuel cap that is designed to meet BMW standards. This is going to ensure that it is temperature-resistant and durable enough to be the perfect addition to your car.

Carbon Fibre Handbrake Lever

Last but not least, you can choose to upgrade your handbrake lever. Are you bored of a plain black lever in your BMW? This is something that comes stand with most cars. While it does not look bad, it is just boring to look at, and if you want to have some fun, this is definitely an accessory you can add. 

Well, know that you can change this out and choose carbon fibre instead for your handbrake lever. Again, this is all about creating the sporty look, and your handbrake is going to be something you notice. What’s more, when you choose a quality handbrake lever, you are going to get strong and durable carbon fibre. This means that your new accessory is more than just a stylish addition. It can also last a long time on your vehicle.

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