5 common UPSC myths debunked to help you Relax

5 common UPSC myths debunked to help you Relax :- Many ambitious and talented individuals have a dream job of joining the Indian civil services and to become an IAS, IPS or IFS officer. Apart from the job security, salary package, the opportunity of a foreign tour, job satisfaction, etc., these prestigious jobs mark authority and power in India.

5 common UPSC myths debunked to help you Relax

The civil servants are the ones who decide the fate of the nation in terms of implementing all developmental and other government policies. However, it is not easy to secure a job in one of these three posts as it demands to undergo a gruelling, three-tier UPSC civil services exam which is considered one of the toughest competitive examinations. Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for UPSC examination but only a few get selected.

Although proper preparation is necessary for cracking this examination, it’s also crucial for the candidates to handle the exam pressure and the myths floating around that further increase their fear, making them nervous towards pursuing such a field.

Below are the 5 common UPSC myths:

Myth 1: One needs years of preparation

Reality: Yes, UPSC is a tough examination that demands total dedication, but it does not necessarily mean that an early stage preparation is required. Even a year’s preparation can be sufficient enough to clear the examination if aspirants are studying with perseverance.

There are numerous success stories of aspirants who cracked the examination in one go after just a year or even less than a year’s preparation.

Myth 2: IAS aspirants must be aware of every topic/subject

Reality: Well, this is not completely true. Since this is a general exam, one needs to be well-read along with having a balanced outlook towards issues. Also, as the syllabus itself is so vast covering multiple subjects, aspirants are already more aware than the others.

It is not necessary to mug up topics and become experts, instead one should simply focus on all the NCERT books, current affairs, and books by a few renowned authors.

The UPSC exam actually demands its aspirants to have a general awareness and analytical skills.

Myth 3: Aspirants need to give at least 2-3 attempts

Reality: This is just a misconception as there have been so many aspirants who have cleared the examination in one go.

All it needs is to focus on your preparation, revise once you are done and take multiple mock tests to evaluate your shortfalls so as you can work on it.

If you have thoroughly revised everything in the syllabus and are confident enough then nothing can stop you from clearing the UPSC exam (prelims) in one go.

Myth 4: Candidates should follow the toppers’ strategies

Reality: There is no quick route to success. Even if you come across the stories of the toppers revealing their strategies and study patterns, it is the hard work that will ultimately pay off.

Thus, it is crucial for the aspirants to follow their own rhythm and routine and make an informed choice when it comes to create a preparation strategy.

Myth 5: It is mandatory to have a good command over English to ace the interview

Reality: This is a strong myth particularly among the regional language-speaking candidates. The UPSC examination assesses your awareness and analysing skills, and not the medium of language you write in.

Want to crack UPSC?

The UPSC aspirants are allowed as per their comfort level, to attempt the paper and give the interview in almost 22 regional languages.

UPSC is just another competitive examination that features a lengthy syllabus. Hence instead of losing your confidence on the ground of some baseless myths, one should stay disciplined, determined and believe in your hard work to make through this journey smoothly.