500 Cows Starve To Death In Rajasthan Shelter As Caretakers On Strike

500 Cows Starve To Death In Rajasthan Shelter As Caretakers On Strike :- Hundreds of cows died in a government-run shelter due to apathy and negligence of caretakers.

This happened in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the first state in the country to have a separate department and minister in charge of the welfare of cow. Chief minister of Rajasthan Vasundhra Raje had presided over a public oath to protect cows six years ago when she was in the Opposition.


Cows is trembling to death due to hunger and thirst at the Hingonia shelter. Two weeks ago, 225 employees of the government-run shelter went on a strike to protest wage delays.

Municipal officials of Jaipur had refused to release their salaries alleging that the company they were outsourced from was blacklisted. Now, the cows are now bearing the brunt of the dispute between the shelter employees and the government in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

On an average, 40 cows have been dying in Hingonia Gaushala. It is the biggest government run cow shelter in Rajasthan. In the shelter, Cows have been living and dying in extreme agony and conditions.

For almost a fortnight now, no one has drained the rain water out of their sheds. The Rajasthan government claims that it spent Rs 10.78 crore in the financial year 2015-16 at the Hingonia Gaushala alone.

The high court pulled up the government and asked for a report on the situation of cows in the shelter.


Secretary for the animal husbandry and Gaupalan department, Kunji Lal Meena issued a statement and claiming that there are over 8,000 cows at the Hingonia Gaushala. Cows are taken care of by 24 livestock assistants, a team of 14 veterinarians, and about 200 other staff.

He said that most of the cows were already unwell and suffering from malnutrition.

In November 2015, cows had died in a government run shelter in Ajmer, Rajasthan.