500 Domino’s outlets to turn all vegetarian during Navratri Festival

NEW DELHI: An American pizza restaurant chain – Domino’s Pizza is going to turn half of its outlets in India all-vegetarian during the auspicious Navratri festival period starting next month in a move to draw more customers as the Indian unit of the US pizza giant seeks to recover from its slowest same-store sales growth in almost two years.


From 1st October for nine days, around 500 Domino’s pizza stores across north and central India and parts of the west will stop serving non-vegetarian food. This the first time, when a western-style quick service pizza restaurant is converting to a Navratri menu on such a large scale.

Domino’s has served vegetarian food during this festival session, but only at selected stores and not for delivery orders in the past.

President of Domino’s Pizza India – Dev Amritesh said that during this time, Consumption of non-vegetarian food reduces significantly. This move is an acknowledgment that we are a global brand, we are serious about the consumer needs. It is about making a statement to consumers.

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Many people abstain from wheat, garlic, onion, processed foods and meat. The Navratri menu will include pizza bases made of singhara atta (water chestnut flour), saabudana crispies and dumplings and sauces and cheeses with only rock salt. The pizza chain will not use onion and garlic.

Amritesh said that Pizza being a very versatile product, we have been able to create this menu. This is a huge challenge for us to turning all-vegetarian for a large number of stores and initiative involving logistical challenges and aligning with suppliers.

Domino’s has 1,062 restaurants in 248 cities of India. Domino’s leads the organised pizza market with a more than 70% share after the Pizza Hut.