57 Rajya Sabha Seats Election Poll Results Complete Winner Candidate List

57 Rajya Sabha Seats Election Poll Results Complete Winner Candidate List :- Today’s across the 15 states the Elections to 57 Rajya Sabha seats are scheduling where some political unopposed leaders will be elected in Punjab and Odisha, and but there was the problems are generating in the states like Uttar Pradesh because of in the Uttar Pradesh states where the BJP’s party are supported by the independent candidate which are turned for the into a contest election for the 11 seats.

Elections to 57 Rajya Sabha seats are scheduled to take place on today

But the most affected and impacted on the Kapil Sibal and it is the Congress’ one candidate , Because of Kapil Sibal is right now looking for the Mayawati’s BSP and Ajit Singh’s RLD for help.
Where the other side the Aam Adami Party (AAP) are getting for the preparation for 2017 upcoming the Punjab assembly elections , however, not everyone is pleased.

The Aam Adami Party (AAP) are wasting the public money on the new per full page advertisement for the announcing the Punjab assembly elections decision and getting ensure for that if in winning than every Punjabi school to entered at least one Punjabi teacher, that’s the way to catch the public on him side and all the Panjabi are knows this information to vote for the Aam Adami Party (AAP) and then his fulfil that promise.

According to the reports the Rajya Sabha wants to increase the numbers and given all effort in it, their government is the in a minority, There is BJP party are going to support the independence candidates, the BJP support that’s because he’s never want to win the Congress any seat in any states.

There are total 6 ministers who are want to come back to the Rajya Sabha in the upcoming elections. At the side where the totally sets in the elections is 57.