5G: Get ready for the 5GB per second downloading speed!

5G: Get ready for the 5GB per second downloading speed: People who love the internet and do lots of downloading very great news is coming from them. As per the reports, the 5G is all set to make you all amazed for sure. Yes! You are reading it right if you already in love with 4G then we must tell you that upcoming 5G is going be 4 times faster than this recent 4G speed. This is very great and 100% official news that 5G processor is ready for the company and soon it going to hit the market.

Well, Last week at a summit in Hong Kong, the world’s largest maker of mobile phone processors, Qualcomm, demonstrated launched the first ever 5G data connection made by a single chip. Yes! Sources reports are saying that the Snapdragon X50 5G is the name of the chip which is going to give you some extraordinary downloading speed. Now, thanks to this 5G modem anyone looking to deploy a 5G wireless product has a ready-made solution can get easily soon.

Also, you are going to get some more features and this chip isn’t going to affect you anyway which is good. Also, the reports are coming that this is going to make you all more advanced in upcoming days. As you all know that the switch from 3G to 4G resulted in smartphones offering higher data speeds, higher call quality, fewer call drops and enhanced multimedia.

Also, in 5G you are going to get few interesting features like the ability to utilize the band of spectrum between 30 GHz and 300 GHz (popularly known as millimeter wave), the 5G spectrum is wedged between microwave and infrared frequencies, allowing even higher data speeds, better reliability, and faster connectivity. Overall, this news is very great for the users still the companies aren’t talking about this feature currently because the handsets are not ready for this chip right now.