5G: Govt Harmonising Spectrum for 5G in India, Says Telecom Secretary

5G: Govt Harmonising Spectrum for 5G in India, Says Telecom Secretary: – As per the reports, Indian government started tuning spectrum for 5G services as part of its roadmap to become an early adopter of the next generation services. Reports are coming that it will provide download speed over 1000Mbps on mobile devices which is great news for the people. Overall we are expecting that it will work as they are saying because 4G is still not working as good as expected.

Govt Harmonising Spectrum for 5G in India, Says Telecom Secretary!

Also, the telecom secretary said, “On a spectrum, we are already more or less aligned with the global position in 5G. Those bands we are harmonizing in line with a global community.” Overall, as we told you above that this service is going to make you all amazed but if they work as they are saying. Even Indian telecom secretary attended the global telecom event Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

5G Spectrum in India Details

Also, she held meetings with key players in the sector, including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Qualcomm, MediaTek, NTT, Intel, etc. The Department of Telecom has started harmonizing spectrum in 3500MHz band and 26GHz band along with E and V band, she said. Also, right now the 4G services are provided in spectrum band below 2600Mhz. Even, with the increase in frequency band count, the signal coverage area reduces, but as per technology trend, a speed of transmitting data has been increasing. Ericsson 5G Showcases Nearly 1000x faster 5G Networks

Reports are saying that the government has already harmonized spectrum in a 700MHz band which can be used for 5G services. Telecom players are running trials to use 5G in automated cars, robotic surgery from remote locations, education, etc. Overall, in a year or two, we are going to see this service out and you all are going to love it.