6 Best Android Apps & iOs Games This Week August 2016

6 Best Android Apps & iOs Games This Week August 2016 :- With smart phone in hand everyone wants to play unique and different games that can keep them engaged at the time when they are free. There are hundreds of apps available both on app store as well as on google store so it becomes quite cumbersome for a person to select any one of them. Today we are enlisting few gaming apps that you would definitely find interesting and worth playing once.

The games which we are going to enlist are just selected on the basis of their quality only we have not considered any specific genre. So the list can include any puzzle game or a running game whatever is currently doing well.

Tap Hero:

Tap Hero War of Clicker

This is a war game which is available on both iOS and android platform. All you have to do is to stay alive in this game and keep up your quest, your hero will be blessed with certain powerful special attacks. Just fight for your glory, upgrade your armors and weapons, and be ready for a fight.

Blitz Breaker:


Sadly this game is not free; on both iOS and android platforms one has to pay the amount of $1. It is basically a twitch action game in which you have to destruct an ODA (evil self aware AI) and you have to save the mankind.

Mobius Final Fantasy:

maxresdefault (1)


It is a Japanese role playing game which is quite addictive and an endless final fantasy series. This game is based on the folklore that includes a land which is barren, no winds are blowing, seas churns and the earth are rotting. According to the Ancient Prophecy” a hero will come which will end this dark shadow”.



This game is available at the price of $2 on both iOS and android Operating system. This game is definitely going to astonish you as it is a good blend of rhythm game, role playing game and picture game. This game is presented to you by indie game developers from Taiwan, one can see their love for rhythm game here.



This game is available for free on both iOS and android update. It consists of a corallite who lives all alone in a dark abyss.  In this game one has to make friends for this lone corallite and collect lives, create new coral and one can build splendid entire under-water world.

Motor world: Bike Factory:


In this game you are running a small car factory and you have to make that factory world class and best in the world. Create new cars, make your clients and customers happy, arrange the retails stores and enjoy and have fun with your friends.