6 Fun Activities for When You Have 15 Minutes Spare

Most of us spend our lives on the go. We’re always rushing around and working through our to-do lists. We barely get a chance to take a few minutes for ourselves, and we’re pretty desperate for a break. But we’re used to it. We’re used to being busy, always having something to do, and we don’t know what to do when we get that break. 

6 Fun Activities for When You Have 15 Minutes Spare

When we get 15 spare minutes, perhaps when we’re sitting waiting for an appointment or phone call or even waiting for a cab or bus, it can feel like a waste. It’s not enough time to do anything productive or useful, but sitting doing nothing for 15 minutes can be boring. 

The good news is, there are actually plenty of things that you can do in 15 minutes. They might not all be productive, but they can be fun. They might even help you relax and unwind, making it easier to rest or work productively later.  

Play Games on Your Phone

Thanks to our ever-present smartphones, we’ve always got something to do. Playing games on our phones can be great fun. Silly games like Candy Crush can help us pass the time while giving us a chance to break from our stresses. Online games could even earn you some money while giving you a way to have fun and enjoy your 15 minutes of spare time. Check out for reviews of some of the best gambling sites, including fun casino games. 

Read a Book

Get into the habit of always carrying a book and you’ll never have to be bored. Even 15 minutes of reading can help you to escape your worries and find a little peace. Reading for 15 minutes before bed can help you to sleep, and reading for 15 minutes before a meeting can reduce tension and improve your performance. If you don’t want to carry a book, try eBooks or audiobooks on your phone. 

Check-in with Friends

We’re all guilty of forgetting those messages that we meant to reply to because we’re too busy. We tell ourselves that we’ll do it later, but we forget. We have friends that we’ve lost touch with because life has gotten in the way. Typically, all it takes to open the door on those relationships is a quick text. Use your 15 minutes to reply to messages and to reach out to old friends. 


There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing. Sometimes, it’s freeing to sit and dream. It can take some practice, but being able to lose yourself in a daydream can be wonderful, and it means that you’ll never be bored. 


Exercise might not always feel fun at the time, but the rush of endorphins afterward is undoubtedly worth it. Try some simple 15-minute workouts for a quick boost. 

People Watch

Watching people can be great fun, especially if you find yourself with 15 spare minutes in a busy environment. Look around. Try to spot interesting characters and relationships. Let yourself wonder about people and their lives.

Fifteen minutes can be a lot longer than you think, and it’s certainly enough time to enjoy yourself, to relax, and to let go of stress. 

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