6 Ways to Start a Home Decor Business

People buy lands, build a house, but it takes more than that to call it home. It takes decoration, furnishing, designing, and a lot more to do that.

But not everyone has the time and skill to do that. Most of them are busy in their profession and cannot spare time for these. But if you have the skill and the desire to do home décor and you want a great source of income, then you can start a home décor business.

If you open a start-up, you get the opportunity to show your own creativity and skills and set your own price for your service. People look for home décor services to design their homes, and thus your service can have a high demand.

But starting a business is risky. You need to understand the trends and the competition on a specific service before investing. Also, before you start your own business, you need to issue a business card. So, we have brought to you six new ways to start a home décor business.

1: Wooden Flooring

Flooring is an important addition to a house for its style. It can change the overall look of the house. Wooden flooring is a great business to invest in. Wooden floors are durable and do not require much maintenance. Also, no one has an allergic reaction to wood, plus they are free from dust and mites. Thus, wooden flooring is in high demand these days.

How to start:

At first, you will need proper skill training and field experience that you can gain by working under an expert carpenter. When you have earned enough experience and skill, you can open up your own business.

Then you need to invest in tools and workspace. You can buy them or rent them. Then you need to invest in transportation. You can hire experienced part-timers or professionals to help you in your work.

The next task is promotion. You can make pamphlets showing your work and some wood samples. You can take the help of your friends or people you know for initial contracts. You can also host a website containing your samples and details. Make sure that you optimize your website so that it comes on the first page of google search. A catchy name would be great.

You can talk to local building contractors and show them your work and prices so that you can form a partnership. They will give you more contracts.

2: CNC Metal Fabrication Art

Metal fabrication art is a modern trend in room décors. It is basically the creation of metal art by cutting them into desired shapes. Most of the work is done using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Basically, they are computer-controlled machines that can be used for purposes like cutting, drilling, 3D printing. The machine uses a laser to cut through the metal and fabricate it into pictures that you design on your own.

To control the machine, you need software in your computer that will guide the laser to cut the metal in the desired shape. You need to create an image and then convert it to .DXF files for the software to work. You can easily get .DXF files for fabrication on You will have lots of options to choose from.

These fabricated metal arts are unique and can be easily crafted with some experience. They are made using metal or alloy, so they are highly durable.

How to start:

CNC metal fabrication is not just about art. You need precise measurements and adjustments to meet the needs of your customer. Also, you need to learn about handling and quick maintenance of the CNC machine.

Start by learning to design and gain practical experience by working under a professional. After you have learned the required skills, you can start a business of your own.

The primary investment you need to make it on a CNC laser cutter, a workspace, and raw materials. Create some arts and fabricate it. They will act as specimens of your work. You can hire experienced persons to give you a helping hand.

Next, you need to work on promotions. You can place posters and billboards and hand out pamphlets as an offline promotion. You can host a website where you can show your work. You need to make sure that your website provides ample visuals to convince a person to buy your product. People may be unaware of this kind of art, so you can take the help of social media marketing to promote your products.

3: Window Blinds

New apartments are made every day. Thus, there is a demand for products to cover the windows, and window blinds are a great option. They have multiple control mechanisms suiting the needs of the user and are easy to install and maintain.

How to start:

You can get adequate training and experience working under a professional. This will get you knowledge, experience and you can also earn some money that will contribute to your capital.

After getting a business license, you can start your own business. The initial investments are workspace and raw materials. You can rent the workspace and contact dealers for raw materials. You will need to invest in transportation as well.

You will need to create samples that you can show to your customers. Distribute pamphlets and host a website so that more people are aware of your services.

Another way to get contracts is to talk with building contractors so you can build a partnership as both the services are required during construction.

4: Modern Furniture Making

Whenever people move into a house or an apartment, they need furniture. And, with more and more apartments being constructed every day, there is a constant need for furniture as it is a necessity. But there is tough competition in the market. So, to do something unique, you can provide modern customized furniture construction services.

How to start:

Before you start, you need to understand that there are lots of subcategories in furniture, and you need to find out which you are good at. You can get the required training and find your interest while taking vocational courses or graduating with the required degree.

You can work as an intern to get the required experience and refine your skills.

You will need to construct a solid business plan as this business has high risks, and moving on in an arranged manner will help.

The initial investments will be on tools, raw materials, and a workshop. You can learn more about trends and what kind of design people are liking nowadays from the internet. Then you need to construct something that you can show to your investors and customers.

You can promote your business by hanging banners or posters and promoting using social media. You can also host a website where customers can have a choice in choosing the perfect design for them and place an order online. You can also promote your business using social media platforms.

You can get contracts from individual customers or form partnerships with building contractors as these two sectors work side by side to complete. You can hire professionals to help you provide quick service.

5: Furniture Reupholstering

Items of furniture degrade over time and need maintenance. Now it is not possible for everyone to buy new furniture, refurbishing them becomes a great option. Cushions in furniture like sofa and chairs get damaged over time, and people need reupholstering services.

To make the manual work easier, new tools are being invented which can help you to do the hard work easier and quicker. And demands for reupholstering never reduces, and people look for services at affordable prices.

How to start:

You can learn about reupholstering and gain the required skills by attending vocational courses. Issue a business card, and you can start providing your service.

You can use online promotion using social media and search engine optimization so that more people can get aware of your services. You can offer to replace padding, springs, cushions, etc.

5: Marketing and Advertising

In any business, there is a chain. There are people who provide raw materials. There are people who manufacture the products and send them to consumers. You can become the one who holds them together.

You can host a website that acts as a platform where from a consumer to a material provider, everyone comes together to share their services and promote their products. Consumers can look for services and can find the necessary providers. Manufacturers and service providers can find raw material providers and form a partnership amongst them. This way, you will act as a pillar to hold a whole business chain and earn profit from it.

How to start:

You need to create a website and write search engine optimized sponsored articles about other businesses. For each promotion, you can take a small sum of money. If you get lots of viewers and popularity, you will get more offers to promote a specific business. You will need to create a portal where anyone can advertise their products and services, and you earn money from their advertisements.

As your website gains popularity, you can provide more services. You can act as a consultant for businessmen and consumers. You can offer services to promote their website on the internet on behalf of those companies. You can add more features like online payment directly from your website or FAQ section so that all of the work can be done on a single website.

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