7 Certifications that Will Impress Your Employers

If you want to get a job in a competent field, you need to produce a good resume that is backed up with certifications. There is no use displaying a long list of certifications in your resume. You only need the specialized certifications that are relevant to your job to convince the employer to hire you.

Project Management Certifications

Project Management Certifications (PMP) shows that you have undergone the necessary training to oversee projects from the start to end. PMP certification from a respected academy like Atton Institute will put you in a good position if you are applying for a job that requires leadership and organizational qualities. It gives the employer the perspective that not only do you based your own experience in managing project, but you are also now equipped with skills in using different methodologies to handle all aspects of the project effectively.

Sales Certification

Sales certification can act as proof to back up your selling ability if you want to get hired for a sales position. It shows that you are serious about your profession in sales and willing to take a course to back up your skills. The course will teach you new sales techniques to help you more effectively influence the customer and close the sale fast. In addition, you will learn how to behave and dress yourself to win the customers.

Help Desk Certification

Help desk certification can help you if you are applying for an entry level receptionist position. Having a certification gives the employer confidence that you know your way around the reception counter and are skilled in performing various receptionist tasks. The help desk course will provide you with skills on how to maintain computer systems, how to provide customer service, and how to listen and communicate effectively.

Human Resource Certification

Human resource certification can be beneficial for job seekers even though you don’t need one to get a job in the field. Many organizations highly regard HR certification as a proof that you are capable of handling the HR job. People with this certification usually demonstrate better administrative and organizational skill. You should get certifications that can assist you in your career progression such as PHR, SPHR, and SHRM. Many courses also allow you to participate in hands-on internship so that you can gather some experiences before entering the HR workforce.

Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing certification is suitable for people who are interested in taking up a position at a SEO company. The certification can help to win the trust of clients especially when you face competitions from other freelancers. It will equip you with the core knowledge and skills. You will learn about the various terms used in digital marketing like PPC, SEM, and CTR. The course will teach you about all the major fields in digital marketing such as social media, content marketing and SEO.

Executive Assistant Certificate Program

Executive assistant certificate program is necessary for executive assistants who want to keep their skills updated in their work. The program will equip you with the skills to write and carry out presentations for your business needs. You will learn how to plan meetings and manage complicated projects effectively. You will be taught on how to cope with various tricky situations. By taking the course, you will be a more dependable person whom the leadership and management staff can trust.

Google Certification

Google certification can equip you with the knowledge on how to use all the products and services provided by Google. Some of the Google certifications include Publisher, Analytics, and Adwords. For example, in Google Analytics certification, you will learn things like analyzing reports, set up goals and create campaign. Many companies like online advertising companies look for candidates with Google certification. Having one of these certifications can be beneficial to your resume, especially when it is rare to find people with this type of certification. Candidates with this certification tend to have higher job performance compared to others.