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7 Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating

If you ever get hooked up with an obnoxious, rude or not your type of partner in a date then your date can be a disaster. There have been cases in which people have been assaulted or murdered because of dating the wrong guy. Thus, it becomes quintessential to get all the safety precautions beforehand. Even if you are dating someone who has been introduced by a mutual acquaintance, the question is “Why are you making yourself extremely vulnerable in front of a Stranger?”

To keep you on the safe side we have listed these tips in collaboration with the best stranger chat app called Moco which lets you meet new people and chat online with other latinos in your area.

1. Keep your loved ones in the loop

Never ever go out on a date without telling someone known about it. Your friends, family, roommate or whoever you stay close to, must know the time of your date, few details of the person you are dating, the location of date and all the whereabouts. If there’s a change in the plan then inform them right away.

2. Get Your Own Vehicle

Going out in your own transport whenever meeting someone can save your life in a bad situation, driving your own car will not only help you get away quickly in a bad situation but also you will not let your date know your house address.

3. Meet in a Safe Environment

Never call someone unknown to your home, you may find Netflix and Chilling together fun but Safety should be your first priority. A familiar restaurant or public places with lots of crowd are the best places to meet each other. Not only your chances of being in an unsafe situation fall but also someone will know that you were there.

4. Don’t leave your food or drink unattended

GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate) and Roofies (Rohypnol) are some odorless, colorless dating rape drugs that can make you unconscious or disoriented. It might sound a bit weird but it actually happens. Don’t drink or buy anything that is not brought by you or is not made in front of you.

5. Limit your Alcohol Consumption

Boozing more than one or two beverages on the date may backfire. Alcohol will make it easy for predators to ask you to go out of the public place. Doing more booze than your capacity in any situation has never proved good.

6. Don’t give out your personal info

You cannot trust someone. Just play the stranger game with your date, keep your personal information hidden from the online dating website and don’t use your primary email address for the verification purpose. Get yourself another email address for this purpose.

7. Go on a group date if you can

Taking one of your friends on a date is a good way to keep a watch on your date, whether there is a rape drug mixed in your drink, or even to limit your alcohol consumption. It is also good for taking a second opinion about your date.

The modern dating using Tinder and other dating websites have only aggravated our vulnerability in a date. A study in UK 2016 has reported that Rape cases linked to online dating has increased by 450% since 2009. In such a scenario it’s always better to take precautions. Safe Dating!