7 Things You Never Knew About the Lexus LX

The all-new Lexus LX is a package of exclusive design and stunning styling. Lexus LX calls attention to a chrome finish side mirrors, presumptuous grille design, lower rear valance, and many more unique features.

This model from Lexus has definitely raised the bar high with its adjustable seats, leather-trimmed interiors, conventional roof rail, and more. Here are 7 jaw-dropping facts about Lexus LX that will make this automobile more desirable.

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the Lexus LX

1. 14 and 12 way Power Adjustable Seats

Lexus LX commands comfort over anything else. It features a flexible power front seat with a dual purpose lumber support. Both driver and passenger seats have memory functions to recollect the setting by pressing a switch. The most alluring feature is the power-adjustable for the front and height modifiable for all seats.

2. Quad-Zone Climate Control

Lexus LX features Quad-Zone climate control for customized temperature settings. It enables the driver and passenger to set up the temperature according to external temperature and need. It has 28 vents all across the cabin for better service. This luxurious SUV features an air filter that purifies the air in the cabin and a smog sensor that restricts the corridor for pollutants.

3. Radiated Foot Rest

Lexus LX features an illuminated and anti-slip footrest or running board for steady and easy entry. The footboard has courtesy lamps to provide visibility during night and its anti-slip feature makes it safe for children and elderly people.

4. Flexible storage and seating

In terms of versatility, Lexus LX is on top with its power sliding 60/40 split. The second row can be split up to 40/20/40 and 50/50 split power-folding for the third row. These customizable traits make it more desirable among SUV lovers. It is an ideal car for people who prefer comfort over everything.

5. Intriguing Interiors

LX is one of the SUVs that has focused on all the parameters including magnificent interiors. It features ambient lighting that brightens and darkens in accordance with vehicle movement. If the vehicle is moving then it will glow and when it is parked it automatically gets dim.

The most unique feature of the Lexus LX is the heated wood and leather steering wheel. This feature allows you to recollect your palm posture on the steering wheel and automatically adjust the warmness to sustain an ideal temperature.

The interiors are designed by smooth perforated leather that is being dyed throughout that puts on a look that is classy as well as stylish at the same time.

It has multiple power sources to live up your device on the road. It has a dual compartment mid console with an additional power portal, a center row power outlet, and a 120VC power source to keep your appliances decked up.

It has an optional cool box neatly fitted on the console for your beverages and items that need to be chilled.

the Lexus LX

6. Artisan framed wooden trim

This SUV has some unique details that make it distinct from others. The dashboard of the Lexus LX is designed with linear Expresso wood and Dark mocha with a stylish layered structure. This offers a modern organic look and suits with the Lexus exclusive formulated steering wheel. It takes 67 steps and 38 days to formulate this exclusive steering wheel.

With Lexus, you can experience the next level of an avant-garde design just by a gentle touch. By pressing a switch, the core console comes to existence. The polished modern layers of the thick black texture create a mesmerizing outlook.

7. Lexus Memory System

This amazing feature entitles considerable drivers to actualize and personalize the setting for the rearview mirrors, steering wheel standpoint, and driver’s seat.

More Unknown features

  • Futuristic LED tail lamps that have dot patterns to provide depth and it is longer than normal LED bulbs
  • It has a feature named turn assist that helps to take sharp turns by locking the steering wheel when you are off-road.
  • It has a panoramic view system for monitoring multi-terrain. This car has a camera on both rearview mirrors, on the front grille, and on the back. The front camera can show beneath your vehicle to aware you of any rock or gravel on the road
  • The height of the vehicle can be manually set according to road conditions. It can go 3 inches high than its standard height.
  • It has four color adjustable heads up display that indicates audio, speed, gear position, rpm, and economy.
  • Lexus LX features All speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control that will bring your car on a complete halt if you have blocks in front of you.

Lexus LX is truly a luxury tank that has a little too bold exterior and neat interior.

This car is a nice blend of comfort, luxury, performance, and technology. This SUV rules the road like a king with its amazing power and feature.

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