7 tricks to Stay Motivated, Fit, and Lean

Many bogus claims about fitness have flourished across the internet. Blogs and false reports say negative things about diet plans and workouts. Many more claims that are unbelievable rise up and most are based on made-up facts. Worry not, fitness and motivation is never a bad idea for anyone. Whether you want to look good or you are just concerned about your health, here are seven tricks to stay motivated, fit, and lean.

Slow Down, no one is really racing you

Take things slowly. You do not have to rush getting fit and lean. You should set goals that are believable and achievable within an allotted period. Many people achieve the best body and MAINTAIN it because they developed the correct flow their body needs. You may achieve great weight loss or body mass in just weeks of working out but pair that up with bad habits, and you end up gaining more than what you lost. In case you really want to bring changes fast, check out steroids mixes at Steroidsfax but do some research first. Push yourself too hard, and you are bound to be burned.

Drink more water

Yes, water is the best drink ever. How many articles and seminars have you attended in your life? How many of those have told you that drinking water can do wonders? Water gets your digestive system working the best it can to get all nutrients. You will also have better skin, and since you drink up fewer calories (coffee, tea, and juices have considerable amounts), you get weight loss as a side effect!

Set a Diet Plan

You may consult nutritionists and diet plans online for this. However, you should note that the basic element of getting in shape is the calorie intake. You should know your calorie limit for the day and stay below that limit. Going above it will store the excess calorie as fat.

Take up Protein

Protein is one of the essential nutrients your body will need to shape up. Muscle builders and bodybuilders love protein. They generate the needed amino acids to make the body create and build more muscle. They also give energy for the day and rebuild broken muscles. You may take some in the form of shakes and bars.

Allot the time for exercise

Consistency is the key here. You have to set the correct time and schedule for your workouts. When your body adjusts to it, it will anticipate your workouts and make it more effective. Make sure you complete the schedule, though. There will be no point in setting a schedule if you do not plan to follow it.

Set your mind to get fit

Watch videos on social media to get motivated, and you’ll notice one thing that is true to all videos: discipline. You will need the correct discipline to continue on the path you chose. Never stray from it. You will reach your goal if you stick to your plans and defeat all the possible cravings and sidetracks you will have.

Do not get fooled by pictures of models that you see

This may be more helpful to your mentality than your actual actions to be fit but try it out. Pictures in different media: posters, flyers, billboards even the marketing videos and commercials have tricks behind them. A “photoshopped” body can often be seen. In addition, they do not show the bad angles of models. Don’t believe it? Try looking up videos of ice cream commercials. No hint of melting drips upon the video for they use mashed potatoes for the commercials. The point is, do not sulk if you see someone fit and perfect. Everyone has their own flaws, and since they are shown publicly, they have to hide those imperfections.