7 Year Old Boys Get Killed In Wall Collapse!

7 Year Old Boys Get Killed In Wall Collapse! :- Well, In Chennai two boys get killed and both have the same age. Sources are saying that a wall collapse in Thattankulam in Choolai area on Saturday late evening and it took two precious lives. As per the reports, Pulianthope police identified the victims as Lokesh, son of Ramesh, a daily wage worker and Vetrikumar, son of Senthil Kumar, a labourer. Also, the case is under investigation right now.

Also, the sources are saying that Lokesh and Vetrikumar both are friends and studying in Class II  in a private school in the neighborhood. Also, the reports are saying that they both are friends and always plays together and on Saturday evening Vetrikumar went to Lokesh’s house to play. That’s what the people and family keep telling about these two boys.

7 Year Old Boys Get Killed In Wall Collapse

Even the day this accident happen they both were playing like they always do. Sources are saying that they two were chatting and clinging to the nylon rope. The, tied to bamboo poles, used for drying clothes on the empty space on the first floor the building where Lokesh’s family stayed along with three other families. Also, the sources are saying that then the wall collapse and they both got died.

Police said that “There is a tiny empty space left at the corner of the floor which is used for drying clothes. The boys were clinging to the rope when the terrace wall collapsed on them,”.

“Lokesh died on the way to the hospital, while Vetrikumar succumbed to injuries in the night. The police have registered a case and further investigation is on. Reports are coming out that residents rushed them to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, they could not save the kids but both died before that. Well, the police are saying that it is accident let see what post mortem reports say.