7 Yr Child Crossed To Pak In 1984, Parents Hope

7 Yr Child Crossed To Pak In 1984, Parents Hope :- Nanak Singh, who was just seven when he crossed to Pakistan in 1984 from his border village. Time is getting older but the hope is still alive in the eyes of his parents.

That day in 1984, Nanak was playing with his father in the agriculture fields of border village from where Pakistan was a step close.

“While playing, he stepped into Pakistan and forgot the directions.
He got lost in fields,” said Rattan Singh, the father, tears slowing down his eyes.

There was no border security in 1984, so it was easy to cross Pakistan, says the reporter.

For the first few years, the family had lost all hope knowing not where their child disappeared.

Nanak’s parents are not so educated therefore they did not take the legal course to bring their son back.

“I have been to Gurdwara for the last three decades and praying God to bring back my innocent kid who would over 38 years old now”- Nanak’s mother.

“It is tough for a mother to live without her son even for a minute but it’s been three decades”- she added.

“The Pakistan government bothered neither about his innocence nor his small age. And even the Indian government has not taken any step for Nanak.”

The mother said- “I got hope that Nanak will come out of Pakistan one day but I might not be able to recognise him if he shows up at her door one day.”

The Border Security Force later sent the Pakistani authorities a letter, but that didn’t help. Nanak’s parents living with a hope.