8 year old and a 25 year old has been raped in Lucknow

8 year old and a 25 year old has been raped in Lucknow :- Another incident of rape has left the whole Lucknow City stunned as the eight-year-old girl has been raped and dumped a thicket on Thursday. The most shocking part about this rape was that the man had left the body of the girl just behind the police station in Ashiana Colony on Thursday night.

A man passing by the road noticed the girl and informed the police about it. The victim was in bad condition and was bleeding, and they took her to the King George’s Medical University. The doctors informed Police that the condition of the girl is critical.

The police investigated about the girls and found that girl studies in third class and is the daughter of a railway employee. The girl was missing from the house on Thursday since she left the house for buying the chocolate.

There another incident of rape took place in Lucknow where a
year olf nurse was raped by three staff members of the private hospital. The FIR has been raised by the family members of the girls, and the whole investigation is underway.

The further investigation revealed that the incident was taken place in the Chandra Kala hospital and girl revealed that she was dragged to a room of the hospital by Dr. Kushal Pal, his brother-in-law Pramod, hospital staff Roop Kishore and Sri Krishna Upadhyaya. They together raped her and threatened her not to inform about this to others else the consequences will not be good.

Well, rape has now become the prominent problem of the country India and for some reason, it is not resolving.