950 million Indians still Dream of Internet Connection

950 million Indians still Dream of Internet Connection :- Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has dreamed about the Digital India and launched the program to provide the internet in every house of India. However, the research conducted by the ASSOCHAM Deloitte, reveals that still there are 950 million people in India, who dreams about the internet. It is a cruel truth about the country India, which is considered to be the world’s second largest Internet Users.

Meanwhile, when the Indian government is asking the citizens of India to become cashless and be digital to avoid the problems including Cyber Security, risks, and safeguarding of information on the Internets. Indian is the country where the internet data plan has been supplied at the cheap rate. Despite this India hs just 350 million people using the internet and the rest 950 million people still are looking to get the taste of internet.

It is believed that to promote the use of internet in vivid corners of the India; there is the need to set up the awareness program regarding the benefit of the internet in the schools and colleges especially in the rural area.

The government needs to promote the value add of technology to increase technology adoption in rural areas. Apart from this, the devices and the smartphones must be made available to the backward society of people in order to enhance the benefit of the internet.

However, with Narendra Modi is in charge, it clearly looks like possible, but it is a fact that we all should join our hands to make the India a digital country.