A fresh cyber attack on Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party

Washington: On Friday, the officials of Democratic Party said that they have been targeted by a fresh cyber attack. It is similar to a breach at the Democratic National Committee that resulted in an embarrassing leak of party emails.

WASHINGTON - MARCH 25: The newly remodled Democratic National Committee building was opened in Washington, D.C. today, March 25, 2004. Dignataries at the ribbon cutting cerimony included DNC Hairman Terry McAuliffe (C), Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD)(R), Reverend Jessy Jackson (2R), Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Deligate Elinore Holms-Norton (D-DC) (2L), Democratic Govenor of New Mexico Bill Richardson and D.C. Mayor Anothy Williams (L). (Photo by Mannie Garcia/Getty Images)

After Hillary Clinton’s campaign blamed Moscow for the initial breach that revealed how party leaders sought to undermine her potential White House rival, Bernie Sanders, the revelation will raise further questions in the United States about the activities of Russian hackers.

WikiLeaks made the emails public. The Kremlin has dismissed as absurd allegations that it was behind the hack. Barack Obama who is US President has refused to rule out that Russia is trying to influence the Presidential election of USA in favor of Donald Trump.

On Friday, Meredith Kelly who is national press secretary confirmed that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee(DCCC) was the target of a cyber security incident.

She said in a statement that the investigation is ongoing. Based on the information we have to date, we have been advised by the officials of investigation agency that this is similar to other current incidents, including the DNC breach.

She also said that the DCCC was working to increase its network security and cooperating with the US federal law enforcement with respect to their ongoing investigation.

Earlier this week, John Kerry who is US Secretary of State raised the DNC hack with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Laos.

On Friday Schultz said that Secretary Kerry has noted that we have been concerned about Russia’s activity in this space for quite some time. He also added that I suspect that won’t be the last time they have a conversation about this.

There was no immediate comment on this matter from the FBI.