A Hawk Tries to Attacking on Ram! Siya Ke Ram 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

A Hawk Tries to Attacking on Ram! Siya Ke Ram 23rd February 2016 Written Updates :- The new version of Ramayan, called “Siya Ke Ram” which is having huge limelight and high TRPS for its unique concept and mythological stuffs. So many mythological TV series including Ramayan and Mahabharat has been made but never ever any mythological stuff made which tells the story in Sita’s perspective.

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Siya Ke Ram 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

Anyway, “Siya Ke Ram” tell us story of the Ramayan in Sita’s perception which is indeed having huge viewership. The historical TV series “Siya Ke Ram” is literally having and receiving immense response from the viewers in just a few months after its inceptions. The show showcase story of Ramayan but mainly it is focus story of the Ramayana in Sita’s perceptions.

From the makers of “Devon Ka Dev Mahadev” the “Siya Ke Ram” is keep telling its viewers that how Sita was actually looked up to lord Ram and how she goes fascinated towards him.

Now in the “Siya Ke Ram” it has been shown that, Sita and her sisters going to Ayodhya where their in-laws are waiting for them to having a grand welcome for them. Ram and his brothers are also with the brides as their respective grooms.

The princesses are looking forward to start their new life but Sita and her sisters go emotional as they have to leave their parents house now. Sita try to convince them that it is fortune of every girl to leave their parents house to move on their in-laws-house.

Sita explain them that by leaving their own house, place and parents, they actually receive a new responsibility of marital relations to start a new journey of life as married woman. Sita’s younger sisters looked on Sita and her words to understand importance of the marital relationship.

So now Sita and her sisters moved on towards Ayodha by leaving Mithila, anyway, in tonight episode of the “Siya Ke Ram” it will be shown that Ram will be asks Sita that is Sita wants to know where she will be going after her wedding. Sita replied Ram very touchy words indeed praiseworthy that journey matters to her, not destination.

Sita asked to Ram that she is honoured to be in journey with Ram, and whatever destination is waiting for her, she is honoured to receive it with Ram. Suddenly a hawk comes there and tries attacking Ram and Sita.

What will Ram do now? Find out in the tonight episode of the “Siya Ke Ram” at 8:00 PM only on Star Plus!