A man jumped into the Ganga river for video and got disappeared

A man jumped into the Ganga river for video and got disappeared : A man who was 27 years old jumped into the holy river Ganga near Haridwar. He does this deadly act at the order of his friends. The friends wanted to record the dramatic act on their smartphones. The man who jumped into the river had reportedly consumed liquor. Initially, he was in hesitation. But he was incited by his friends and then he finally dived into the river and sank without a trace.


The video which was made by his friends, has gone viral. Many people share the video on social media.

The name of jumper was Ashish Chauhan. He was a resident of Gandhmirpur in Bhadrabad, Haridwar. The body is yet to be found. More than 48 hours has gone, when he took the deadly plunge in Gangnahar on Tuesday.

According sources, on every Tuesday afternoon Ashish Chauhan and his friends names as Ashwini Chauhan and Balraj Kumar made their way through the woods to the canal. The trio consumed liquor and then they all decided to go for a swim in the river and shoot this act on their mobile phones.

Chauhan jumped into the river in Tuesday afternoon. After this, he did not come on surface for a long time. The two friends of Chauhan got worried and tried to find him in the river. But they failed to find their friend. After failing Chauhan, the duo reported the matter at the nearest police station.
The police reached on the spot along with a team of jal police and immediately launched a search operation in water. But the jal police could not find the body even until Thursday. The friends of Chauhan are shocked at this incident. The friends claim that Ashish was a good swimmer.
Sharma an police official said that the family of Chauhan handed over a letter to police in which they wrote that it was an accident and they do not blame anyone for the death of Chauhan.
The family did not registered a complaint in this incident.