A Viral Whatsapp Message States Starbucks Drinks As “Haram” For Islamic People.

A Viral Whatsapp Message States Starbucks Drinks As “Haram” For Islamic People. :- The leading coffee provider enterprise Starbucks was stunned when a fake message went viral on the WhatsApp which states that some of the drinks of the Starbucks are “Haram” in Malaysia.


Although, a leading Muslim- majority Malaysia came up front and assured the audience community there that the drinks shared by the Starbucks are “Halal” and Islamic people can trust and go for the drink. The Islamic community asked the people not to believe the fake message that was spread on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, according to the viral WhatsApp message ” Starbucks,’ drinks are haram as it contains E471 (Emulsifier 471) a food additive of porcine-origin. Although, according to the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) halal hub division, the same type of message was spread two years ago and its not the new thing to get worried.

The official of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) said: ” we can assure our Muslim brother that the Malaysia Starbuck in 100 perfect Halal and there is nothing “Halal” in it. The Starbucks Malaysia is certified, and its certification has never been revoked.”

The further added that ” we can only talk and reveal the truth about the fake people message to the Islamic people. The legal action can only be taken by the legal department of the Starbucks.”

Meanwhile, there is no legal call taken from the Starbucks, and it will be interesting to see, will this fake message be able to disrupt the business of Starbucks coffee.