A web search for RBI helpline number cost a man losing his Rs 48,000,

A web search for RBI helpline number cost a man losing his Rs 48,000,: A web search cost a man losing his Rs 48,000, the man is a 74 year old Malad resident who called at a helpline number of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which he get from a website but it was a scam and was the fraud one.

Mumbai man dials ‘RBI helpline’ to change demonetised currency, loses Rs 48,000

It all happens when Vijaykumar Marwa found Rs 7,000 old currency notes while cleaning his home last month. He wanted the new currency notes in return, in exchange of the old ones so he tried to take help from RBI by calling to their helpline number. In search of the helpline number of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through the web search he finally ended on a number that showed up through his

He then called on that fake number and the fraudster receive the call claiming that he is from RBI help care centre. Vijaykumar then asked him for the help related to his concern for which the fraudster promisingly replied that the money will be transferred to his bank account for which he asked him his bank details as well as his credit card details too, which Vijaykumar undoubtedly gave him, thinking that he is helping.

After few minutes the fraudster asked him for the One Time Password (OTP) which Vijaykumar received in his mobile number which was registered to his bank account. He gave him his OTP number too and within minutes Rs 48,000 got deducted from his bank account.

He immediately realised that he had been cheated, Marwa come up to the Malad police station. As per his complaint, the FIR was filed on 6th January 2019. The investigation is in progress and the technical team are cracking down the number and the website from where he gets that number.

People should be aware of these frauds basically these days as now days technology has been getting advanced and these fraud people can access to your bank accounts or personal details very easily by hacking it or by doing such kind of illegal practices which was faced by Vijaykumar.

To avoid such kind of scam try to visit your local branch of bank to ask your queries, if not possible then only visit your bank official website to get helpline number which you may also ask from any bank employee. Avoid visiting any other website regarding the official one. If you get any call from any person claiming of calling from your bank branch and asking your bank details avoid such calls or immediately visit the bank to ask about the call. If the bank employee refused to have such calls then give that number to your local police station as soon as possible. Be alert and don’t provide your information to someone especially password or OTP on phone or any other website.