Aadhaar-driving license linking is Important now

Aadhaar-driving license linking is Important now: Reports are coming that the Union Minister Ravi Shankar has indicated that the government is thinking to link the Aadhaar card with driving license. You all should know that the proposal has announced by the law minister after the Aadhaar amendment bill was passed. Some reports are indicating that the law will soon to be introduced and it will be mandatory to link in Aadhaar card with driving license.

You all should know that it is really a great and big step because it will really help everyone in various ways. Also, the government is in a mood to link driving license with Aadhaar card is to crack down on illegal duplication of licences.  Overall, it is a great inactive but only if they can stop fake Aadhaar cards too. Well, it will help as you all may know that currently it is easy to get duplicate licenses by approaching different Regional Transport Offices (RTOs).

You all should remember that this whole thing is going to help Government and as well as normal people. The government claims that the move will help immensely in identifying license holders. Also, the reports are coming that a person guilty of committing an accident often flees the scene and gets another duplicate licence. It surely going to make thing alright in various accident cases. Also, it will be easy to find the right owner while who hit the car.]

Steps to Link Aadhaar with Driving Licences Online

Step 1: Visit your state/UT road transport department’s website.
Step 2: Click on the “Link Aadhaar” option.
Step 3: Now select the “Driving License” from the drop down menu.
Step 4: Now enter your driving license number and click on the “Get Details” option.
Step 5: Your driving license details will be displayed on the screen.
Step 6: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and mobile number in fields provided.
Step 7: Remember that your mobile number should be the one registered with UIDAI.
Step 8: Click on the “Submit” button to complete the process.
Step 9: A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number.
Step 10: The process can be used at the websites of all state transport departments.

Parsad, the Union Minster said, “With the Aadhaar linkage you can change your name but you cannot change your biometrics, iris or fingerprints”. Also, it will also going to help people to pay fines issued under their name. As of now, many people either avoid paying the penalties for long durations or just get a new license made if the fine amount is too high. In various ways it will going to help the nation.