AAP Govt. Gave Compensation To Warehouse Fire Victims in Budh Vihar, Delhi

AAP Govt. Gave Compensation To Warehouse Fire Victims in Budh Vihar, Delhi: – Aam Aadmi Party provided compensation to the victims of a fire in Budh-Vihar. Leaders of Aam Aadmi Party decided to give money to them as compensation. As we all are aware that fire caught in a warehouse of Budh-vihar Phase- 1. 29 peoples including a ten-year-old boy had injured in this incident.


1 child died in that mashup. The fire tenders department said that they all informed at 2.21 pm about this incident. And they reached the spot. They took around 2 hours to douse the fire there. Six fire tenders arrived at the place.

Some cooking gasses were also kept there inside the home, but cylinders had removed from the home. But it’s a sigh of relief that none of the bottles exploded there; otherwise, that incident could be more dangerous. All the locals present and gathered there to see the fire. A massive fire could be view there.

All the injured people and their family were so upset and disturbed after the incident. Ambulances were called there at the place and the injured admitted to the nearby hospitals.

Now Aadmi Party decided to give compensation to the wounded people. 29 People wounded in this incident. A boy of 10 years old also included in the list.

Aam Aadmi Partry gave 10 to 50 thousand rupees to the injured people. It is a sigh of relief for every injured there in Budh-Vihar. Delhi government is a responsible government and completing their responsibilities. The government is taking care of their public who support them and took them in power.