AAP Security Breach Calls It Arvind Kejriwal Hustled By Women Protesters

AAP Security Breach Calls It Arvind Kejriwal Hustled By Women Protesters :- Accusing the Delhi Police of leaking the traveling schedule of Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal after he was jolted by the women protesters, on Thursday, some leaders of AAP termed the development as a “security breach”.

On Thursday morning, activists led by Delhi BJP’s women wing President Kamaljeet Sehrawat and spokesman of the party Praveen Kapoor raised slogans against the Kejriwal and women activists showed bangles to Kejriwal at the time when kejriwal arrived at the New Delhi railway station to board a train for Punjab for 4 day visits.


The party alleged that the Delhi Police officials present at the venue watched the incident and the Delhi Police did not make any attempts to prevent it.

The Delhi Police had planted news across sections of the media that it was not going to provide security to the CM during his 5-day visit to Punjab.

The party said that the events of today morning must be seen in the context of the Delhi Police’s open declaration that the CM would be unprotected. Is the Delhi Police leaking out sensitive information regarding the whereabouts of the CM to mischievous and potentially dangerous elements?

Sanjay Singh – Senior AAP leader alleged that the Delhi Police first informed the BJP that Kejriwal would not be given any security cover and then got the Chief Minister attacked.

Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodiya tweeted that Is Modi ji conspiring with the Delhi Police and the BJP to attack Arvind Kejriwal? Was the morning episode (manhandling of the CM) a rehearsal to it.

The Delhi Police had yesterday turned down the request from Kejriwal’s office to send security personnel to Punjab by road, a day before his visit to the state.

Sanjay Singh tweeted that Modi ji’s Police first told the BJP (about its inability) to provide security cover and then got Arvind Kejriwal attacked. Is any conspiracy brewing against the Chief Minister.

The Aam Aadmi Party said that the incident also exposed the systematic coordination between the Delhi police and BJP. The incident shows a shocking misuse of Police forces by the BJP for their political benefits.