Abhi argue with Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” starts with Tanu and Aliya is enjoying their success as they managed to defeat Pragya and till Pragya is fail to bring the harsh truth of the Tanu is the front of the Abhi. Eventually they join by Nikhil and even Nikhil started teasing Pragya in her backside.

Abhi argue with Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The trio has been now drink the sham-pen and laugh with each other to defeats Pragya. Now Aliya asked Nikhil to leave by the way as if Pragya will be catch him with Aliya and Tanu than the Dhamaka will be happening in the Mehra house. In the mean time, Purab, Dadi and Rachna catch that Pragya is crying alone in a room and now Dadi is shocked to know that it is Pragya fail again.

Dadi embraced Pragya and consoles her by saying “Sab Theekh Ho Jaaye Ga” (Everything will be right). Pragya also embraced Dadi and Rachna is wondering how Tanu every time able to saved her and Purab said it is enough Di. You bear a huge now it’s your turn to attack Tanu and not from back side.

Now you will attack her from the front side and finally will be revealing her in the front of Abhi. Gradually it is Tanu and Pragya had an encounter where Tanu insulted Pragya a lot by saying you are a dumb Foogy who is weak and you can think yourself a smart but you are dumb.

Pragay said very soon she will be revealing her real face to Abhi and Tanu said that very soon I will drive you out from the house as it is Abhi is right now with me and Tanu also taunt to Pragya that “Sirf Suhaagan Hona Hi Kaafi Nahin Hotha, Suhaag Ka Saath Hona Bhi Zaroori Aur Abhi Tumhara Suhaag Mere Saath Hain”.

But Pragya gives a proper reply to the Tanu and leave. In the mean time, in the midnight Pragya was busy speaking about Tanu in her dream and now when Abhi asked her why did she bring him there in the police station, Pragya refused to reply that.

Abhi said to the Pragya there must be something as I can read your expression, and Pragya said you are able to read my expression. Just tell me waht relationship we shares. Now Abhi lost in Pragya’s eyes and the and the “Allah Wariyaan” song played.