Abhi can’t get Separated from Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2016 Written Updates

Abhi can’t get Separated from Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2016 Written updates :- The story of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” actually revolves round the leading woman Pragya’s charector but now a day’s Pragya’s mom Sarla is getting huge attention. On the other hand, Pragya is in her mission to exposed Tanu now and Pragya is also yet to reveal name of the person who baby is now sleeping in Tanu’s womb. But latest report is saying before exposing Tanu, it is Pragya to face some more troubles.

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2016 Written Updates

In the recent episodes, Pragya’s mother Sarla has been seen getting kidnapped by Nikhil after he misunderstand that she is the blackmailer, but afterward Tanu asked him that Sarla is the innocent and she is not the blackmailer. But Nikhil all of sudden get to know that Sarla is aware from the fact that Nikhil and Tanu slept together and Tanu is being pregnant with Nikhil’s child.

Nikhil added further that Sarla is also aware that actually we (Nikhil and Tanu) blackmailed and ruin Abhi and Pragya’s life. Tanu got shocked to know so. Somehow when Nikhil and Tanu were busy talking with each other, Sarla managed to escape from the kidnapping zone.

Now on her way, Sarla met with an accident and shift to the nearing hospital. Pragya and Abhi who had been seen tirelessly searching for Sarla but still they are fail to get Sarla back and now they will be shocked to know that Sarla is actually met with an accident.

Pragya will be breakdown as after the death of her sister Bulbul now even her mom’s life is in danger. Firstly kidnapping of her mom and now accident of her mom, Pragya is unable to bear these all wrong things going on with her mom.

Now Abhi and Pragya will rush her to the hospital. It will be interesting to see whether Sarla will be able to reveal the names of culprit to Abhi and Pragya that they are Tanu and Nikhil or Sarla’s character will be killed or she will be in Coma.

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