Abhi Miss Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2016 Episode Written Update

Abhi Miss Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2016 Episode Written Update :- The current melodrama of the one of the most popular TV series Kumkum Bhagya is to showcase that Pragya will manage to escape from kidnappers’ but the high voltage drama is going to bring a huge shock in which Abhi will sign the divorce papers as in order to seek revenge from Pragya as Pragya tries to break his relationship with her girlfriend Tanu.

kumkum bhagya abhi pragya

kumkum bhagya abhi pragya

Already we saw on the latest track of the TV series Kumkum Bhagya, that Pragya (Sriti Jha) has been seen exposing Tanu but in the front of Abhi Tanu and Nikhil changed the track and again proved that Pragya is wrong.

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Still, Pragya is having enough evidence against Tanu and Nikhil but still she is unable to expose her in front of the Mehra family and Abhi but this time Abhi is sceptical about Tanu and he thinks that Pragya is right that Tanu is not conceived with his baby.

But he needs proper testimony to doubt on Tanu and he is now looking forward to collecting the same without Pragya’s knowledge and Purab is there to help him.

The story so far shown that Pragya is shocked to know that Dr Sheila is changed her statement in the front of Abhi, regarding Tanu and Abhi’s DNA report as Tanu and Nikhil kidnapped her daughter with the condition that if she speaks truth there they will be killing her.

With this statement of Dr Sheila, Abhi loses trust on Pragya, like always; Pragya tries to expose Nikhil to gain Abhi’s trust but unfortunately she losses the same. but now Pragya thinks to save Pari first from the kidnapper.

Pragya finally manages to reach the kidnappers’ and try to save Pari and eventually she manages to escape with Pari, but Nikhil catches them. Along with Pari, he kidnaps Pragya as well. Then Pragya and Nikhil get into an argument and Pragya asked to him that one day she will be disclose Nikhil but Nikhil said to her that, it is impossible.

On the other hand, Alia tells Tanu, how she warned Dr Sheila not to reveal anything to Abhi, she also asked Tanu to trap Abhi with her pregnancy emotional drama.

In the mean time, Abhi is anxious to see that Pragya is missing and he has been seen thinking of her and he also shares his grief with Dadi, Dadi feels helpless to see the grief of Abhi and she also prayed to god that he should reunited Abhi with Pragya.