Abhi romanced with Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2016 Written Updates

Abhi romanced with Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Aaliyah reaches Pragya’s house and asked for her from Beeji calls Pragya and Pragya says Yes. Aaliyah hears Pragya’s voice and gets satisfaction.


Sarla came there and scolds Aaliyah for ruining Pragya’s life. Aaliyah threatens her and called her that she will ruin them too if they will try to enter in Abhi’s life. Aaliyah leaves from there and saw Purab there. Purab asked what you are doing her. Aaliyah says she came there to meet him. She holds Purab’s hand and asked him to come on the date.

Purab told her that she has lost respect but he still has a lot of respect. He leaves from there. On the other side, Sarla thinks Aaliyah may have doubt that Abhi was here. Purab came there and asked what Aaliyah did?

Beeji told Purab that she has taught her a good lesson. Sarla asked Purab to call Doctor. Meanwhile, Abhi was driving the car and Tanu calls her and asked about the picture of Abhi and Pragya. Aaliyah told her that that as an old picture. Tanu asked her to arrange a meeting with Abhi.

Aaliyah told Tannu that she will soon arrange it. Then, she thinks first, she will deal with Abhi’s issue and then, she will get back to Purab. On the other hand, in office Abhi get angry at Saira and asked her to bring the same coffee made by the receptionist.

Aaliyah came there and Abhi told her why she has made deal with this company. Aaliyah tastes the coffee and says it’s good. She asks who made Yesterday’s coffee. Saira says Pragya and Aaliyah get shocked. She thinks maybe this is some other girl with the same name and thinks to find out.

Meanwhile, at Sarla’s house Doctore checks Pragya and asked Pragya to walk. Pragya smiles and get excited and think, from tomorrow she will go to the office. But Sarla and other asked her to rest.

Pragya says she will get bored. Purab says he will take her to coffee and then, Pragya nad Purab went for Cofee in a restaurant. Purab asked Pragya why she is smiling. Pragya made some reason and write something on paper. The paper went flying in the air and Pragya runs to catch it. Paper stick to Abhi’s shirt and Pragya went to remove it and when she saw Abhi, she gets shocked.


In the upcoming episode, Abhi holds Pragya’s head and strike his head with her head romantically. Pragya gets shocked to this.