Abhi Wish To Marry Tanu Soon! Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” it has been shown that the Tanu suddenly screaming seeing Ronnie’s ghost. He pulls out a knife from his stomach. Abhi rushes to her. Ronnie hides. Abhi asks what happened.

Abhi Wish To Marry Tanu Soon! Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Tanu says there is someone in her room. Abhi says there is no one. This is your illusion. Pragya too comes there. Tanu says there was something written on the mirror and Pragya shows her Tanu’s nail polish. Pragya thinks that Tanu is became victim of the hallucination and she needs a psychiatrist.

Tanu thinks that there is any ghost in the hosue and Abhi thinks that Tanu is being stressed as her marriage is keep postponing. Pragya taunts Tanu that she needs the doctor first unless her condition will be worst. Pragya thinks Tanu is suffering from the bad Karma which she committed in her life.

But Abhi is keep blaming Pragya for the Tanu’s this situation and said that she needs to stay away from Tanu for the while. Now Rachna asks Mitali about Akash. She says he has left the office and Rachna wonders why he didn’t wake her up. Mitali says to Akash and Rachna that you guys are having very lovely couple who love each other.

Now Tanu speaks with the Nikhil and he asks her to place a camera in the room. She thinks of switching on the camera before she sleeps. Now Mitali’s friend arrives and they talk with each other about the VishKanya in Kolkata. Mitali says she will definitely visit the city as she doesn’t know anything about Vishkanya and all that.

Now Tanu bump on the Mitali and Mitali asks her to look for a psychiatrist as right now Tanu is on her phase to become crazy. Tanu says he is fine and Mitali okay just tell me is the ghost is the male or the female.

Now Pragya tells Sarla that they are waiting for the truth to come in front of Abhi. Purab says he has got Bulbul in his dream and she said that Sarla didn’t sleep yesterday. Pragya says Abhi asked me for a psychiatrist and Purab says is Abhi is aware of the any psychiatrist’s name. Pragya looked on the Dadi and Purab.