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Abhishek Bachchan Reply To All Those People Who Troll & Hate Him On Social Media

Abhishek Bachchan Reply To All Those People Who Troll & Hate Him On Social Media :- Well, People who troll celebrities in social media for silly reasons I think they have a lot of time to waste and they wasting it exactly doing nothing good. And if we talk about Abhishek Bachchan he always got trolled by people only because he is the son of a superstar and he has a good beautiful successful wife. I don’t know why these people do that type of work on social media. They don’t have life I think and that’s why they do this type of silly work.

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Also, it’s not just the problem of Abhishek Bachchan even recently we found that the Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan also received that type of silly comments on Instagram and she replied to those people and said “people are so unemployed these days that’s why they follow the people whom the hate and even they comment on those people’s profile whom they don’t like and that’s shows how much time these people have and it’s my life if my color is black than it’s mine, it’s my children and husband so don’t waste your time here I am not going to change”

Arpita wrote this on Instagram because people trolled her just because of her color and her weight and other things and that’s shows how much people waste their time.

If we talk about Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan than recently people trolled both of them for silly reasons and that’s not just happened today even people who keep talking about him had no time and one of these people is “Kamal R Khan” most unemployed human from the Bollywood.

Here what Abhishek said about being trolled by hatter ““I have always looked at the brighter side of life. I have always believed in looking at the more positive side of life. I think it’s important to do that. If we want to be cynical and negative, we are going to be depressed about anything and everything in life. Why look at thing negatively, when you can look at a thing positively and improve your situation. That is my approach to life.”

I think that shows how much Abhishek appreciate his positive life and for hatter keep going keep saying because people like you talks doesn’t matter.