Abhishek Bachchan Slams Airline Company For Bad Service and Ask Where Are The Pilots?

Abhishek Bachchan Slams Airline Company For Bad Service and Ask Where Are The Pilots? :- On Friday, Bollywood Acotr Abhishek Bachchan was on his way to Chennai when the actor arrived at the airport on time and boarded the plane along with other passengers. But, the flight did not take off as scheduled because there were no pilots on board.


Abhishek got angry on this incident and then he went on a Twitter rant, calling out the airline on their bad service.

Abhshek Bachchan, in series of tweets, wrote that Flying to Chennai. Baggage, check. Board flight on time, check. Seat belt fastened, check. Only thing we need now wher are our pilots!!


The actor Abhishek also recalled the incident that took place in year 2012 when he was not allowed to board the plane while travelling with the same airline company.

Abhishek wrote on Twitter that  if an airline is delayed, do we as passengers have the option to get off, like how passengers are off loaded if they are late?


Abhishek did not stop and further slammed the airline. Abhishek, in a series of tweets, slammed the airline company.




Finally, the plane finally took off and the actor reached his destination.


Abhishek also got into a little heated conversation with the airline service on Twitter.




This is not the first time that the actor had a bad experience with the airline, in 2012 the airline company when he was not allowed to board the flight even after he was issued a boarding pass, citing the reason of his being late. Later Jet Airways offered Abhishek an alternative flight but he chose to opt for another airline.