About the age of 15, Rekha was purportedly troubled by actor Biswajeet

About the age of 15, Rekha was purportedly troubled by actor Biswajeet :- Disregarding a performing artist onscreen without her assent is a subject that got spotlight after Italian producer Bernardo Bertolucci conceded in a 2013 meeting, which has reemerged as of late.


That on-screen character Maria Schneider never gave her agree to the utilization of spread as an oil in the notorious butt-centric sexual moment in his 1972 film Last Tango in Paris. Maria was on 19 when the scene was taped with a 48-year-old Marlon Brando.

As of now the world is in stun over Paris chief Bernardo Bertolucci’s confirmation. In his announcement, he additionally uncovered that Schneider felt mortified and furious after the scene was shot. Before long, he cleared up his announcement by saying that the on-screen character knew about the scene yet not the utilization of margarine.


Nonetheless, Indian producer Nikita Deshpande tossed light on a comparative occurrence that occurred in Indian silver screen between performing artist Rekha and Biswajeet Chatterjee amid the shoot of ‘Anjana Safar’. At the time, Rekha was scarcely 15 years of age when she was persuasively kissed for full 5 minutes by Biswajeet, who was in his 30s.

In the book Rekha: The Untold Story, Yaseer Usman expounds on the scene which was brought forth by movie producer Anjana Safar, Raja Nawathe in concurrence with Biswajeet.

Here is a selection from the life story :The shooting of Anjana Safar was in progress in Bombay’s Mahboob Studio. Raja Nawathe was the chief and cinematographer of the film. In the principal calendar of the film, Kuljeet Pal (the chief), Raja and Biswajeet (the lead performing artist) had brought forth an arrangement, with Rekha as the clueless casualty.

That day a sentimental scene was to be recorded amongst Rekha and Biswajeet. Each and every detail of the procedure had been chosen before the shoot. When the chief Raj Nawathe said ‘move’, Biswajeet took Rekha in his arms and squeezed his lips on hers.

Rekha was staggered. This kiss had never been said to her. The camera continued moving nor was the chief requesting “cut” nor was Biswajeet relinquishing her.

For all of five minutes, Biswajeet continued kissing Rekha. Unit individuals were shrieking and cheering. Her eyes were firmly closed however they were brimming with tears. The news is said to have scarred Rekha. We ponder when constrained rape all for the sake of craftsmanship will stop in movies.