Accidente Providencia Video Grave accidente en Providencia deja dos fallecidos

A piece of grief is coming right from one of the renowned metropolitan cities, that is, Providencia. There has been a collision between La Concepción and Ricardo Lyon along the street resulted in an accident on the discussed avenue. The accident was so massive that the street had to be closed along with the vicinity area so that the police investigation could not be interrupted by anyone.

Accidente Providencia

Shortly after the accident, the video of the accident was released. The released video has surged a spate on the internet as people are sharing as well as commenting on the video of this crash. as the accident has led to the death of two innocents, people have embarked on sharing the video as an act of condolence in regard to the death of the victims of this tragedy. No sooner did the accident take place than it stirred all the people who were present there. It also caused long traffic along the road. With the view to solving the problem of the traffic, Carabineros de Chile and Firemen were placed in the vicinity of the road.

Accidente Providencia

According to the viral video of the concerned accident, there were two vehicles CC. They collided with each other resulted in the student death of one of the victims of this accident. right after the collision, a female victim came out of the vehicle and tried to seek a comfortable place. However; she unconsciously came before a truck that hit her hard and she died in this accident.

According to the police prob, the truck driver was violating the norms related to speed limits along the road as it was running at over speed as per the set limits by the road safety norms. This accident ended with traffic.  The video of the accident has been recorded on a camera. The video has twitched all the viewers as the video is containing footage of such an accident that resulted in the passing away of one man and one woman.

Reaction of police

The police have caused it to be an overspeeding phenomenon that caused an accident and ended with the demise of two and long traffic. The police have stated that the police approached the accident place with all the adequate planning such that ambulance and fire safety team to save the lives of all the victims. All the victims were tasked to the hospital so that their lives could be saved.

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