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Actress Priyamani 32th Happy Birthday With 10 Hot Red Pics Celebrate

Actress Priyamani 32th Happy Birthday With 10 Hot Red Pics Celebrate :- The glamorous world is full of beauties. One can easily find an actress who holds the charms and elegance with her. But it’s rare to you find an actress with beauty and brain.


And if some would ask me   to remember an actress who has brain and beauty, then i would remember  none other than Priyamani. This gorgeous actress turns 32 today.

Say Happy Birthday To Actress Priyamani

She is one of that actress who has brilliant acting skills. Even fans recognise this beautiful actress for her brilliant acting skills rather than her beauty.

Then it would not be wrong to say that this actress is amongst the rare actress who has both acting skill and  beauty.

In today’s world when many actresses are appearing in a movie and being the support system of main lead that is Hero of the movie, that’s where Priyamani is different.

She always showed her brilliant acting skills by on her own terms. That’s what another actress can learn from her. She has been a source of inspiration to many of the young actress.

Priyamani is always related to the Vidya Balan of Bollywood. Both this actress have a habit of ruling in the heart of the fans.

The first project of Priyamani was some saree advertisements back in the year 2003. In the same year she also featured in the movie “Ullam” in 2003, but unfortunately, that movie was not released.

After this disappointment in life, this 32-year-old actress moved into the Telugu and Malayalam movies. Priyamani also used to feature in some of Tamil movies but once in a while.

Her career kicked off after the movie Paruthiveeram where she was casted opposite Karthi. This movie was the much-needed success that Priyamani was waiting for the long period of period.

For this movie , Priyamani acted beautifully and grabbed the national award for her role in this movie. After that, she gave another hit in the form of JR NTR’s Yamadonga.

But unfortunately after these two hits her career started downfall and was not able to give any hit.

But that the special thing about Priyamani, She always smile whether she is in good time or in bad corners of her life.

Although , Priyamani used to raise praises for her acting skills even though her movies does not perform well at the theaters.

We would like to wish Priyamani a very happy 32 birthday and would hope that she will continue to be the inspirational source of many young generations in the upcoming years.