Adarsh takes keys from Parineeta! Swaragini 25th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” it has been shown that Pareenita cooked and served delicious food in the Mysore Pak utensil while Parineeta shows her tantrum, everybody praised her. Even when Swara and Ragini come towards her to help Pareenita but Pareenita insult them.

Adarsh takes keys from Parineeta! Swaragini 25th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Mr. Charles arrived in the Maheshwari house with his team and Durga Prasad Maheshwari welcome him to have an important contract. Durga Prasad make Mr. Charles introduced with the Maheshwari family, in the mean time, Pareenita is in mood to serve them best cuisine prepared by herself to make them forget the dishes prepared by Swara. Mr. Charles tells Durga Prasad that he liked the contract, and says I like your confidence and says you people are genuine. Annapurna serves him tea. Sujata says I made it. Mr. Charles says it is masala tea. Sujata gets happy. Mr. Charles says he needs to sign on the papers. As he need to sign the same as soon as possible as he have to then leave now.

Durga Prasad aksed Annapurna to bring the paper and Annapurna now rush towards Pareenta to bring the paper. Pareenita again show her tantrum and said I am having the keys so I am going to bring the paper. Sujata scolded Pareenita for being too rude.

But now when Pareenita went to the Tijori to bring out the paper, she shocked to see that the key of the Tijori is missing and when Swara come to see that, Pareenita said that the key of the Tijori is missing. Swara is shocked to know so and share this news with everyone.

Now everyone search the key in the kitchen but all goes vain, even Sujnata scolded Pareenita for losing the key and Swara message the same to Sanskar. Sanskar is shocked to hear so and went in the office to prepare the duplicate copy of the paper with Swara.

Lakshay share this with now Durga Prasad also and Durga Prasad is shocked to know that the key of the Tijori is missing and Sanskar ans Swara went to prepare the duplicate copy of the paper. In the mean time, Mr. Charles is keep saying that he is getting late as he has to catch the flight.

In the mean time, Charles has the food, as afterward the lunch, he will sing the paper. And he praised everybody and now then he eats the Mysore Pak prepared by Pareenita and started coughing. Gradually, Charles is shocked to see that the key was in the Mysore Pak. Now afterward, Pareenita scream we got the key, now I should bring the paper to sing it.

And now Charles insulted Durga Prasad by saying is it any Indian custom and leaved out of anger. Sujata insulted Pareenita by saying because of you; today Mr. Charles insulted Bhaai Saa and leave. Sujata also said to the Pareenita by saying that, you can’t be good bahu, wife, bhabhi and says it is good that God haven’t given you a baby, as you are not suitable to take baby’s responsibility. Parineeta gets teary eyes and looks at Adarsh.

Precap: Adarsh tells Parineeta that he is doing agree with Sujata’s every words but still she can learn many things from Ragini and Swara. He takes keys from her.