Adarsh Took Swadheenta In The Coffee Date! Dehleez 26th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Dehleez” it has been shown that in the court room the arguments Swadheenta give make everyone shocked. Despite being a new-comer she delivered best as a lawyer. When Swadheenta gets out of the room Adarsh comes to her and congratulates and tried to give Swadheenta some accolades but Swadheenta was in no mood to hear so.

Adarsh Took Swadheenta In The Coffee Date! Dehleez 26th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now it is Adarsh asked Swadheenta for the dinner date which Swadheenta had been refused about this Adarsh said to the Swadheenta it is I’m not rude wit you but right now I’m in no mood to go with you. But to impress Swadheenta it is Adarsh give a gift to Swadheenta and requested Swadheenta to open it once. When swadheenta opened the gift she saw a keep winning badge and thanks Adarsh for the gift.

Now Adarsh wants Swadheenta to take on a coffee date but hesitate to ask that and now suddenly Swadheenta herself asked to the Adarsh for coffee he gets excited and sat behind Swadheenta on her scooty. Now Swadheenta and Adarsh went together for the coffee date and Adarsh also said sorry to her as some mistakes committed by him to the against of the Swadheenta but Swadheenta seems had been forgive the Adarsh.

Now Adarsh smiled while seeing Swadheenta driving ahead on her scooty. While driving Adarsh noticed that someone was following them for a long time but Adarsh ignore it simply. Now both Swadheenta and Adarsh reached to their favourite coffee shop. The the both drinking coffee Swadheenta suddenly Swadheenta receives a phone call and she literally shocked to know that it is Suhasini call her.

Suhasini told Swadheenta that I appreciate your work and I also liked your arguments a lot today. Swadheenta says thanks to Suhasini. Suhasini said to Swadheenta so you are celebrating victory but Swadheenta said I came here only for the coffee with a friend. Adarsh excited to hear that Swadheenta called him her friend.

But Suhasini said to Swadheenta I am really impressed with you and from now onwards I want to keep you my assistance and Swadheenta got excited to hear so.

And now Swadheenta said yes to Suhasini and says I will be overwhelmed to assist you. Suhasini smiles with this and gives her nod. Stay tuned for the more updates!!!