Adha card based new security card to issue for airport staff from January 1

Adha card based new security card to issue for airport staff from January 1 : -The airports in every corner of the India are going to be more secure as now Aadhar Card numbers of the workers and the staff of airport will be used as the mandatory Airport Entry Passes (AEPs) for their entry and exit to the airport. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will implement this from the first 1st January of 2017 as the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has announced it for the better security of the airports.

The officials informed media wing that ” from the 1st of January, all the AEPs will be made by Adhar card numbers and the employees at the airport can only use it for entering the airport.”

However, there was the question regarding the old existing passes, and CISF Director General O P Singh said that the validity for old existing passes had been extended till 31 March 2017. A senior CISF official explained the reason behind taking this step as he said that there was lot of fake work was going around in different airports of India as one person who has involved in criminal activity at one airport, managed to join another airport by making some adjustment to their AEPs, but now when the Aadhar Card numbers will be issued as the AEPs then it will terminate such cases of fraud.

Meanwhile, the creation of the new Aadhar card based APEs has started and soon it will be distributed to the member of the airport to avoid any faking work and to strengthen the security of the airport.