After Patels, Gujjars and Jats Now Upper Caste Rally in Kanpur demanding Reservations

After Patels, Gujjars and Jats Now Upper Caste Rally in Kanpur demanding Reservations : After the Patels of Gujarat, Gujjars of Rajasthan and Jats of Haryana, now the upper caste in Kanpur carry out a rally for the reservations.


After a series of incidents and violence for reservations by the Patels, Gujjars and Jats, now the upper caste in Kanpur carry our a semi-nude rally demanding reservations. They demanded that so you have given lot of reservations to backward classes now it is the the turn for the upper caste according to the sources.

This incident is trending on social sites especially on twitter which is micro-blogging site. People are retweeting such post. Many people support the idea for reservations of upper caste too. Some claims this incident that it is political game of dividing the society and many other oppose the idea. Many people argue that reservations should be given on economic base not the caste or religion.

If we talk about the origion of reservation in India, we need to look towards the history of India that how the untouchability becomes a part and parcel of Indian society. Based on different divisions of caste, creed, social and economic background and other kinds of dicriminations, government of India has divided the reservations in schedule Caste(SC), Schedule Tribes(ST) and Other Backaward Classses(OBCs) who are listed in the Constitution of India.

But if we talk about reservation for upper caste, there is no such provision according to the Constitutional framework. Different caste are listed in different states for reservations according to the respective governing rule of each state with regard to the rules and regulations set up by the Central Government of India

Whatever is one’s own belief, we are not claiming any one neither supporting anyone. However, this incident of semi-nude rally protest by the upper caste in Kanpur is spreading like fire on social sites and given a fresh topic for the debate.