After SCS Verdict Of UN Based Tribunal China Releases White Paper To Refute

After SCS Verdict Of UN Based Tribunal China Releases White Paper To Refute :- Earlier an verdict of  UN-backed tribunal that struck down the historical right of China on South China sea. But Today China released a white paper against the verdict of UN insisting on that Beijing has claims over the South China Sea for 2,000 years.


Yesterday, the Permanent Court of Arbitration struck down the Communist’s giants claim in the strategic region. It is a major diplomatic blow for china.

China releases white paper to refute SCS tribunal verdict

The Hague based International Court said that China violated the sovereign right of Philippines and China has caused the drastic harm to the coral reef by building the artificial islands.

The white paper claims that China has claim over the South china sea for 2,000 years. It also asserts that Philippines which filed a petition against china in the International Court, was occupying the China territory.

It said that the origin of the relevant disputes between China and Philippines in the South China Sea lies in the territorial issues which was caused by Philippines’s invasion and illegal occupation by force of some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Quando(Nansha island) starting in the 1970s.

A document titled as “China Adheres to the Position of Settling Through Negotiation the Relevant Disputes Between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea” said that Philippines has fabricated many excuses to cover up this fact and to ensue its territorial pretensions.

The white paper issued by the State Council Information Office of China and said that the claims of Philippines on the strategic region is baseless from the perspective of either history or International law.

The white paper said that a maritime delimitation disputes also arose between China and Philippines regarding certain areas of South China Sea with development of International law of the sea.