After UP in Farrukhabad 49 Children Died Due To Lack of Oxygen Supply!

After UP in Farrukhabad 49 Children Died Due To Lack of Oxygen Supply! :- Well, breaking news is coming straight forwards from the Farrukhabad where 49 Children died because of the lack of oxygen. I mean what is really going on with our health system. After the deaths of more than 290 children due to administrative lapses and abysmal healthcare facilities in Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College Hospital, other thing happened for sure.

As per the reports, UP government has now woken up to the reality of another mass death of children in the state’s Farrukhabad district. Reports are coming that 49 Children got died because lake of oxygen and let see how many death is going to happen because of this. Faced with utter embarrassment, the state’s BJP government has now transferred the Farrukhabad district magistrate as well as the chief medical officer and the chief medical superintendent of the district hospital, reported news agency PTI.

49 Children Died In UP Farrukhabad

The chief spokesperson in Lucknow confirmed that of the 49 deaths, 30 children died in neo-natal ICU and 19 during delivery between 20 July and 21 August. “A high-level team will be sent to Farrukhabad to probe the deaths and its technical aspects will also be taken care of. Taking note of the incident, the DM, the CMO and the CMS (women’s hospital) have been removed,” he was quoted by the news agency.

“During the period, 30 children died mostly due to prenatal asphyxia (a condition in which a child does not breathe normally just before, during, or after birth). During the probe, the parents informed that there was a delay in providing oxygen and medicine due to which the children died due to lack of adequate supply of oxygen,” Jain said in the report.

In the end, this whole incident took place and we are sure that you all are going to feel sad for sure. Let see, how much people are going to get died because of this situation.